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The Lat Late Show Presents is a production company owned and operated by Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder. We produce two fictional podcasts: The Lat Late Show and The DenMark Chronicles. 

The Lat Late Show takes the form of a series of shortwave radio transmission sent across the astral planes from a home Pole (Dimension) known as The Monkey Room behind the Closet. These transmissions are segmented radio shows with a host, The Corduroy King, one half of a Logos team. The Logos Man is the partner of the Corduroy King. Collectively these two Logos (gods) run the rusted old tin shack with the giant radio dish sprouting from the roof like a twisted bonsai tree. This is a hub of communications among the astral planes. These transmissions are like an S.O.S sent across the astral planes to travelers lost among the astral Poles. 

The DenMark Chronicles is a series of novels written by Ricky D. Snyder and Bryan Higby and published in eBook and paperback editions in 2014 through 2016. This novel podcast is recorded by Bryant Sullivan, an L.A. based audiobook producer. This is a novel series praised by bestselling authors Joe Konrath of the Jack Daniels thriller series as well as Hugh Howey, author of the explosive cultural iconic science fiction novel series WOOL. 

Our wonderful artwork is created by Ed Yancey.

We work with many indy rock bands like:


Less Than Hate

Ricky D. Snyder

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Jan 4, 2018

DEATH. DESTRUCTION. SEX. VIOLENCE. ROCK N ROLL. BLOOD SOAKED S&M. SELF LOATHING WEREWOLVES. In these pages you will find a plethora of these themes. Together for the first time the psychopath Earle Laredo and the elusive serial monster R. Daniels team up for a new experience in depravity - GORE NOVEL the series. To kick this shit off we start with book one - DIRTY COP. GORE TOWN exists on the edge of our nightmares somewhere in the American Dream, tucked deep in the back roads of this continent. Sick depraved things are happening, night after horrible night. The sickos that fill the pages of this toilet stop novel thrive.