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The Lat Late Show Presents is a production company owned and operated by Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder. We produce two fictional podcasts: The Lat Late Show and The DenMark Chronicles. 

The Lat Late Show takes the form of a series of shortwave radio transmission sent across the astral planes from a home Pole (Dimension) known as The Monkey Room behind the Closet. These transmissions are segmented radio shows with a host, The Corduroy King, one half of a Logos team. The Logos Man is the partner of the Corduroy King. Collectively these two Logos (gods) run the rusted old tin shack with the giant radio dish sprouting from the roof like a twisted bonsai tree. This is a hub of communications among the astral planes. These transmissions are like an S.O.S sent across the astral planes to travelers lost among the astral Poles. 

The DenMark Chronicles is a series of novels written by Ricky D. Snyder and Bryan Higby and published in eBook and paperback editions in 2014 through 2016. This novel podcast is recorded by Bryant Sullivan, an L.A. based audiobook producer. This is a novel series praised by bestselling authors Joe Konrath of the Jack Daniels thriller series as well as Hugh Howey, author of the explosive cultural iconic science fiction novel series WOOL. 

Our wonderful artwork is created by Ed Yancey.

We work with many indy rock bands like:


Less Than Hate

Ricky D. Snyder

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Dec 10, 2020

“Do tell, oh wise one,” said Niles.

“The shit in my head would make your skin crawl off you and go right up the wall. I’ve cavorted with all manner of demon, specter and black magician. Now, let me tell you. These dudes don’t fuck around. They are out for two things, personal gain or the ending of all things. It goes without saying that the ones in it for themselves are a little easier to deal with. But, the fuckers that want everything to go away, well, they take a piece of you just by being in their presence. Zee German is one such dirty fuck,” said Wachowski.

Niles took a hit and a shivering went up his spine.

“Yeah, see. Even the mention of that son of a bitch just about makes you shit yer pants. Fuck, I think I just shit mine. Anyway, that’s what waits for us if we fuck up. Not only will I be consumed. You, Freddy, Barker and the whole fucking lot will be eaten, forever, by Zee German. It is always hungry, wanting, bleeding its terror and pain across the Logosverse. Its fucking red, hollow eyes,” said Wachowski.

His eyes started to tear up and he laughed a little.

“Let me have a toot of that buddy. Takes away the bad things brother.”

Niles passed the doobie back over and Wachowski took a long drag.

“You called Zee German it. So, it’s not a he or she?”

“Fuck no. It does not succumb to such trivial things such as gender. Zee German is the bad dream you have that keeps you up all night long. The genocide of a country, the burning out of the stars. It has a conscience, and chooses to do the wrong thing every time. Every fucking time man. Know what I’m mean?”

Niles felt the hair on his arms stand up. The worst thought that he could think of crept into his head and he started to gag.

“Pull over, I’m going to puke.”

Wachowski yanked the wheel to the right and Niles jumped out and puked in the bushes. As soon as he was finished, phantom fingers caressed his neck. A thrumming sound bounced around between his ears and he had an instant screaming migraine.

“Sooner or later, I will devour you. You, your friends, The Logosverse is mine. I will feast, forever.”

Niles screamed, and screamed. Wachowski dove out of the car. He began a mantra, a banishing of the essence before them.

“Mr. Tree, Mr. Tree,  Mr. Tree, Mr. Tree, Mr. Tree, Mr. Tree, Mr. Tree…”

Bonsai trees popped out of the landscape and cast an ethereal light and drove away the unclean spirit. The loud quacking of ducks filled the air with angry cacophony. Zee German shrieked and was gone, for now.

Wachowski helped Niles to his feet.

“I will not let that happen again. I bet my life on it,” said Wachowski.

Niles gave him a thumbs up and passed out in the passenger seat.